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Dear visitor, this is a one stop solution to book Domestic & International Air tickets along with tourist Visa in Bhiwandi. We are your true Travel Partners as our dedicated service ensures a complete relaxation from the hassle of Flight / Air Ticket bookings in Bhiwandi.


Compare prices with any other provider in Bhiwandi and we challenge to give you the best price for all your ticket bookings. We are the only one Travels agency issuing tickets on CRS in Bhiwandi.


For any domestic or international flight ticket bookings in Bhiwandi please contact us on 9545476786 or email at

What is a CRS booking?

It means that we directly connected to the server of the airline which gives exact fares, seat availability without any hidden cost. We deal directly with the flight services to deliver tickets to our customers. This service is used by most of the IATA Agencies which you will not find in Bhiwandi. Benefits of using a CRS (we use Abacus and Galileo CRS) method of Air Ticket Bookings are:

1. Low Airfare rates and no hidden costs or agent fees.

2. Faster booking system as we are connected to all the Flight/Airline servers directly

3. We can hold the ticket and issue later as per the customers choice.

4. Genuine bookings with the latest updates. Most air ticket booking sites do not get updated immediately which may result in a different price or may be a big disaster “loss of a ticket”.

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